Päivi granström - naisen sydänääniä - Päivi Granström - Naisen

3 ABSTRACT Metsä-Keisteri, Heidi and Rosenvall, Rilla Bible Study Material for small groups in Confirmation School work. 121 p., 3 appendices. Language: Finnish. Autumn Diaconia University of Applied Sciences. Degree Programme in Social Services, Option in Christian Youth Work. Degree: Bachelor of Social Services. The aim of this thesis was to create a functional material for small group Bible studies on confirmation camps and also evaluate and develop the material based on the collected feedback. The material was designed to discuss and find answers for various life questions that are important to young people in confirmation school through subjects and points of view of the Christian faith. It also aimed to support young confirmed volunteers (YCV s) in their role as a group leader. The production and evaluation of the material was done with the Lutheran congregations of Asikkala and Malmi. The theoretical part of the thesis is about youth and youth work, confirmation school as a part of Christian upbringing as well as group dynamics and group leadership. The material s planning, production and evaluating process is based on it. Feedback was collected from 18 YCV s and 5 youth workers with a halfstructured interview and from 72 confirmands with a questionnaire. Answers to the feedback questions were organized into themes based on whether the answers regarded the subjects and content discussed within the study material, the structure of the Bible study sessions or about the dynamics and communication within the small groups. Based on the feedback that was received, the collection of small group Bible study sessions contained in the material were overall functional, contained meaningful subject matter and were also applicable for further development and a variety of different uses to suit each confirmation school group s needs or the training of YCV s. The main issues with the material that were frequently mentioned in the feedback referred to parts of the exercises and discussion questions within the material which were unclear or difficult to understand. The majority of these issues were fixed during the development stage. The further developed material consists of a Bible study booklet meant for the YCV, another booklet for the confirmands and an external pamphlet with answers to the exercises in the Bible study booklets. The material includes nine Bible group study sessions based on different themes. Each session consists of various exercises, background information and questions for discussion and reflection purposes. Key words: confirmation school, the Bible, small groups, Young Confirmed Volunteers, group dynamics, functionality